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How Olive Oil Can Help With Hair Growth?

Posted by Shonte Perry on

Do you keep a bottle of Olive Oil handy, either in the kitchen or bathroom? If not, I suggest that you do so. Olive Oil is one of the best essential oils most commonly used in the hair regrowth process. 


Here are some reasons why Olive Oil can be beneficial to your hair:

  • It can be used to stop and treat hair loss
  • Helps to heal and soothe itchy, dry patches on your scalp
  • Olive Oil will help to make your hair softer and shinier than ever before
  • Did you know it helps to improve the way your blood circulates in your scalp? It sure does!
Now as you get older, the structure and texture of your hair begin to change slowly causing your hair strands to become weak. The results of that usually are hair loss.Don't get me wrong, age is not the only component that can cause hair loss. There are others such as genetics (the most common reason), along with your lifestyle and eating habits. Olive Oil is great to use as apart of your hair care regimen, just be sure you are applying it properly to get the greatest results.
How To Apply Olive Oil as a Hot Oil Treatment:
  1. For hair growth, pour a small amount of Olive Oil in a bowl (ex. 20ml) and you may also add a tsp of coconut oil and honey if you like.
  2. Heat the mixture in the microwave - NOT TO HOT - just hot enough for your fingertips, you don't want it scolding hot.
  3. Section off your hair with either banana clips or rubber bands whichever you prefer.
  4. Pour the oil mixture in your hand and massage the oil with your fingertips from root to tips of each section.
  5. Then apply a shower cap or bonnet to retain the heat and moisture, also helps keep the blood circulating in your scalp. You may sit under a hair dryer if you like. Leave Oil on for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Afterward, use a mild shampoo and conditioner to rinse the mixture out of your hair. Towel Dry your hair.

Olive Oil can really help in regrowth and strengthening your hair! The results are amazing and you won't regret using it. However, it works well only when paired with exercise and healthy eating.

So before you get those gorgeous bundles from our Sew In Collection installed, be sure to have your stylist to do an Olive Oil mask or hot oil treatment on your scalp!

Leave Us A Comment - What Method Do You Use When Incorporating Olive Oil In Your Hair Care Regimen?


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