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How To Care For Your Sew In Extensions?

Posted by Shonte Perry on


A lot of us are guilty of thinking if we pay $300 for hair extensions, we expect quality, no shedding or tangling, Right? Of course, because we are not spending that amount if otherwise. But, how many of us take the time to care for our extensions?!? Those luxurious locks won't care for themselves!!

Follow These Steps To Keep Those Tresses Soft & Beautiful

 First, we must realize when hair extensions are cut and made into extensions they no longer carry the natural oils that our scalp contains so daily maintenance is mandatory in order for our hair extensions to last.

Secondly, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on quality hair. It's all about the maintenance involved. Obvious culprits such as weather, lack of brushing and products being used can very well cause your hair to tangle or dry out. I would like to add coloring extensions (overexposure from chemicals), blow drying and using flat irons on your hair can cause tangling, dryness, and matting for your extensions.

Oh and can't forget the overuse of thermal sprays - Big no, no!! Hands down sulfate-free products are the only products proven to be safe for our hair extensions. Never brush extensions while wet - always air dry!! And always brush from ends upward!! Not just for sew-in extensions or extensions used for handmade wigs but clip in extensions as well. Clip-ins must be removed daily for proper care.

Protect Your Hair Extensions While You're Sleeping

Wearing a silk bonnet is helpful, but I would suggest brushing hair with a soft bristle brush, braid hair or put in a loose ponytail before tying it up with bonnet. Otherwise, as we move around in our sleep hair can sometimes tangle. Even if you can't remember all the steps, remember just one, "Brush extensions 2-3 a day". 

Bad Bed-Time Habits You Should Drop ASAP

  1. Sleeping On Old Pillow Cases
  2. Using Metal Hair Ties
  3. Tying Up Your Hair Too Tight
  4. Sleeping With Wet Hair
  5. Forgetting To Protect Your Hair Extensions With A Bonnet or Scarf
Getting rid of old habits can help to properly maintain your hair extensions for a least 12-24 months!


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