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Do you need a knowledgeable company that you can trust? Someone who gives you access to the best hair & beauty products available without spending all your hard-earned cash?

Well look no further - The Klase Beauty Experience is for those who love to slay, struggling with insecurities, those experiencing uncontrollable hair loss, those going through stressful situations looking for an outlet and those diagnosed with an underlying disease that hinders you from embracing your beauty.

So, help us to help you feel beautiful again! Now, Are You Ready?!? Our goal is to provide you with an experience like no other!! We are here to cater to your needs, no more hair store extensions, no more paying hundreds of dollars for bad hair - we have top quality products at the most affordable prices around!! 



 Hi! My name is Shonte Perry, CEO of The Klase Beauty Experience where we help you to feel beautiful again. I decided to start this company to create a platform that will help women enhance their beauty and feel good about it. 


For a long time, I use to struggle with insecurities each time I looked in the mirror. I use to wonder why I can’t look or feel as good as the celebrity models that I idolize.

Utilizing all of the different photo filters when I snap selfies to hide my flaws, I realized first you must love yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and try different things that help make you feel good about yourself.

That's what The Klase Beauty Experience is all about helping to make you feel good about yourself!!